Andrew Cordery

Head Coach


Andrew is our head coach and has a strong history in gymnastics. Andrew has worked with youth in gymnastics for almost two decades in both sporting and schooling environments. He has coached state gymnastic team members and coached elite athletes along the way.


This blend of professional, technical and educational experience brings forth a more diverse and flexible coaching strategy for students of all ages.


Andrew aims to bring the dedication that he developed in his time in Queensland to the South Australian Gymnastics Community. He has used his gymnastics knowledge to assist sporting teams including Port Adelaide Power to achieve their professional goals.



Through this experience and personal training he is able to find techniques that work with children and adults of all fitness levels and learning types and intends to use this knowledge and experience to give every student the highest quality coaching.

Karina White

KinderGym Leader


Karina is our KinderGym Leader. She has experience and training in Early Childhood Development and motor learning and was awarded the 2015 South Australian KinderGym Leader of the year.


Also being a mother of two, she understands what children need and how important it is for parents to be involved in their child’s early learning.


Hailing from a dance background she strongly believes in the benefits, techniques and opportunities that movement can have for children and their learning.


Her background and qualifications in event and session management ensure that your child will have a well rounded, well organised and enjoyable time at our KinderGym classes.

Alison Michael



Ali comes from a sport engineering, gymnastic and acrobatic background. Having trained in gymnastics and acrobatics throughout her life she has a strong love and passion for the sports.


She began her journey in Women's Artistic Gymnastics in school and in time she became a qualified Women's Artistic Gymnastics judge. Ali then moved on to Aerial Arts in which the artist makes acrobatic maneuvers on various equipment raised up to 10 metres in the air.


Ali has a love and passion for exercise and this extends past her recreational activities. In 2017 she completed her honours in Sports and Mechanical Engineering; a mix of anatomy, physiology and mechanical engineering principles. She is currently working on a project at the South Australian Institute of Sport designing an acceleration measurement device for track cycling.


Her unique background allows her to take a unique and informed stance on things by applying the scientific method to seek a deeper understanding of what happens in our bodies when we exercise and how gymnastics and gymnastic techniques affect our physiology.


Ali is an accredited coach with Gymnastics Australia, she loves acrobatics and exercise and believes gymnastics is for everyone no matter their age or ability.