Alpha Gymnastics

Alpha Gymnastics aims to inspire people to lead healthy, active lives and challenge their physical capabilities.

At Alpha Gymnastics, we teach members how to move confidently and safely through a high-quality gymnastics-based movement program.  The fundamental movement skills taught in our programs are transferable to a range of competitive sports (including gymnastics), and provide the foundations of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Movement is something to be enjoyed.  Benefits of physical activity include controlling weight, reduced risk of some diseases, strengthened muscles and bones, and improved mental health.  Our high-energy programs are easily modified to suit all skill levels.  We encourage members to challenge themselves and strive for improvement through consistent attention and effort.

Alpha Gymnastics is an affiliated member of Gymnastics South Australia.  This means we meet national standards of practice in areas such as administration, planning, staff training and risk management.  We are also an accredited provider of LaunchPad programs building a strong foundation for future sporting success or lifelong, active and healthy participation in physical activity.

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