When we are young the world is bright and colourful and here to be explored. KinderGym offers children a creative environment for them to explore and develop life skills and self-confidence through play and practice.

Toddlers are explorers in nappies. They are ready to experience new things and we are here to help nurture that curiosity in a safe and friendly environment. Parents are included in KinderGym classes to keep the child anchored and feeling safe as well as to help with their growth and understanding of the world around them. KinderGym encourages your youngster to interact with others and develop social, emotional and physical skills which will help them later in life.
Creativity is something every child is born with and KinderGym supports and allows your child to express and evolve that creativity and creative exploration.

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9.30 - 10.30am

10.45 - 11.45am

12.00pm - 1.00pm (KG PLUS - 3+ yrs)


2019 Term Dates:

Term 1:  29 January - 12 April (11 weeks)

Term 2:  29 April - 5 July (10 weeks)

Term 3:  22 July - 27 September (10 weeks)

Term 4:  14 October - 13 December (9 weeks)