Have a ball while developing movement and physical skills and abilities with our fun games and challenges. Designed for 5 - 8 year-olds in mind, we aim to learn while laughing.

Whether your child is a Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic or Linguistic learner there is one thing that is universal: If it isn’t fun they won’t learn. Our GymFun classes are designed to be both instructional and fun to keep your child smiling and engaged.
Our non-competitive nature encourages children to expand their knowledge and skills without placing unnecessary stress on them. Especially at a young age, most children are more interested in having a laugh than being state champion. We want your child to enjoy their time at Alpha Gym and thus use games and non-competitive challenges to teach and encourage them to build on the skills they are gaining.
Training in a mixed gender environment gives children more confidence when interacting with other children of the same and/or other genders in the playground or at school. This in turn helps them to develop well-rounded friendships and relationships later in life as well and understanding their own physical strengths.